VIP Off The Grid - Dallas, TX

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If you’re a VIP climb your way to the top, to our exclusive one-of-a-kind penthouse floor -

VIP Off The Grid. If you’re tired of the usual accommodations, when you come to the Dallas Metroplex we can provide you with a truly unique experience that includes:

   Privacy, Awesome City Views, Industrial/Modern Loft look, Concrete Floors, Fully Furnished Suite,  

   Fully-Equipped Large Kitchen, Luxurious Bath, Large Patio Space, Green Space, Wireless Internet,

   Large Flat Panel TV, I-pod Sound System, Copy/Printing Services, Private Meeting/Party Space and

   did I mention the PRIVACY....

Full Service Options: Limo Service/Driver, Butler, Maid Service, Dry Cleaning/Laundry, Chef, Security, Concierge, Masseuse, Manicurist, Salon Services, 24x7 Services.

VIP Off The Grid is located in the historic Dallas Power and Light Substation, which used to power the Dallas city street lights and trolleys. It has been restored to excellence and is powered up and ready for your short term stay.         Address withheld for privacy....

VIP Off The Grid -  Large Penthouse Suite, 1+ Acre grounds


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